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Kęstutis Urba.

Educational Literature: Research of 20th Century Lithuanian Children’s Literature

Live Puppet Museum

Catalogue compiled by R. Driežis, V. Juškėnas (on the basis of the 2008 edition) to celebrate 60 years anniversary of the theatre “Lėlė”

Salomėja Burneikaitė. Application of Puppet Theatre Techniques in the Process of Rehabilitation

Nijolė Indriūnaitė

“Baltos pasakos”

Puppets and Masks. A Book about Puppet Theatre

Compiled by Audronė Girdzijauskaitė

Artists of Vilnius Puppet Theatre “Lėlė“

Compiled by V. Juškėnas

Balys Lukošius

Compilation of documents, publications and memoirs about Balys Lukošius. Compiled by Aleksandras Guobis

Stasys Ušinskas. A Theatre of Puppets and Masks

Compiled by D. Krutulienė, consultant R. Driežis.

Stasys Ratkevičius

Live Puppet Museum

Catalogue compiled by R. Driežis, A. Braškytė to celebrate 50 years anniversary of the theatre “Lėlė”

Vida Zabarauskienė. Children Create Puppet Theatre

Audronė Girdzijauskaitė

Audronė Girdzijauskaitė. The Golden Age of Vitalijus Mazūras. Album