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UNIMA brings together people who are interested in puppet theatre or are otherwise related to this form of art. UNIMA also organizes puppet theatre conferences, festivals, carries out and supports theoretical and historical research, promotes contemporary puppet theatre and offers training. UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) is a non-governmental and no profit seeking organisation affiliated to UNESCO. Founded in 1929 in Prague (the Czech Republic), today UNIMA unites organizations of puppeteers, puppet theatres and individual puppeteers from 15 countries. The seat of UNIMA is situated in the city of Charleville-Mézières (France).

The UNIMA National Centre in Lithuania was set up in 1998 as the Lithuanian Association of Puppeteers. Vitalijus Mazūras, a director and artist, became the first elected President of the organization. In 2004, the Natonal Centre became a full member of the international UNIMA.

Currently, the head office of UNIMA-Lithuania is located in Klaipėda Puppet Theatre and brings together more than 45 practitioners and 5 professional puppet theatres of Lithuania.

In 2019, the oldest international theatre organization celebrated its 90 years anniversary.