Klaipėda Puppet Theatre
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Klaipėda Puppet Theatre

In 1991, some puppeteers started their activity at Klaipėda University, under the auspices of the Directing Department of the Faculty of Arts. In 1992 the troupe became known as Klaipėda University puppet theatre “KU-KŪ“, and in 2000 it became the Klaipėda Puppet Theatre. Klaipėda Puppet Theatre is a professional, repertoire puppet theatre, famous for its original, contemporary performances and projects that attract young, adult, as well as children’s audiences.

Every two years the theatre organizes MATERIA MAGICA, so far the only one of its kind festival of professional puppet theatres in Lithuania. Theatrologists value Klaipėda Puppet Theatre as the strongest and the most ambitious puppet theatre in our country. Theatrologist Gitana Gugevičiūtė writes: “If I had choose a cultural institution that cares most about the education, upbringing and cultural sophistication of the young generation, I would probably put Klaipėda Puppet Theatre at the forefront, as recently it has been generating various initiatives and shows aimed at the audiences of the youngest age.”

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Tel. +37046239932