Alytus Puppet Theatre Aitvaras
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Alytus Puppet Theatre Aitvaras

The history of the puppet theatre in Alytus started in 1986, when Loreta Stirbytė-Skruibienė set up a puppet theatre studio.

The first performance Piemenėlė ir kaminkrėtys (The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, based on a fairy tale by H. Ch. Andersen) was staged in 1988.

The Alytus Puppet Theatre Aitvaras was founded in the autumn of 1996; the first season was opened with Aukso puodas (The Golden Pot), based on the fairy tale by Hoffmann.

The Puppet Theatre occupies humble facilities in the building of the town theatre. It also houses a puppet theatre museum, while its small stage is used for shows and educational programmes.

Over the years of its existence, the theatre has produced 47 puppet shows, including three for adults.

The theatre produces one or two premier shows and one education performance for children every year.

In 2005, the Ministry of Culture conferred upon Alytus puppet theatre the status of a professional theatre, and since then the Alytus Puppet Theatre Aitvaras has been the only professional puppet theatre in the Southern Lithuania.

The theatre is a member of the UNIMA Lithuania and ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People.

Managing and Artistic Director of the theatre is Loreta Skruibienė

Rotušės a. 2 LT-62141 Alytus, tel.: 8-315-25737, 8-698-13264