International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Kaunas
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International Festival of Puppet Theatres in Kaunas

The international festival of puppet theatres in Kaunas has been organized for several decades already. This vibrant festival of puppeteers was conceived during the first years of Lithuanian independence and opened up the possibility for Lithuanian puppets theatres to become full members of the UNIMA family that has of representatives from 75 countries. From 1991, the continuous project of Kaunas State Puppet Theatre was taking place annually; however, due to the changed economic situation the festival from 2011 is organized every two or three years.

From the very outset the organizers strived to focus on the international nature of the festival. During the 2000-2015 period alone, the festival showed plays from 120 countries, including Lithuania; more than 400 puppeteers from all over the world visited Kaunas.

The non-commercial nature of the festival is an attempt to compensate for the underserved lack of attention to this unique genre of the stage art. Events of the festival are inextricably linked to the new quality, ideas and dissemination of experience; they help to focus on the issues of the puppet theatre, give impetus to new initiatives and projects. The festival seeks to draw parallels between works of puppeteers in this country and abroad, promotes creative exchange between puppet theatres and diversifies cultural life of our country.

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