International Festival of Puppet Theatres MATERIA MAGICA
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International Festival of Puppet Theatres MATERIA MAGICA

In 1997, Klaipėda Puppet Theatre organized a festival and gave it a cosy name of Karakum Donkey (Lith. “Karakumų asilėlis”). It grew up, matured and returned to the stage in late spring of 2017 with a new name MATERIA MAGICA. Organized every two years, the festival invites professional puppeteers and theatres from Lithuania and beyond. The organizers are seeking to present the art of puppetry that transcends the boundaries of time and deep-rooted stereotypes, at the same time bridging the traditional means of theatrical expression with the new trends and experimental explorations, and linking the interdisciplinary origin with the pure forms of the puppet theatre. We say: get rid of all the stereotype skeletons in your closet and plunge into the puppet theatre that is alive, unexpected, visual and comes in multiple shapes!

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