Kaunas Puppet Theatre ”Nykštukas“
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Kaunas Puppet Theatre ”Nykštukas“

Puppet theatre “Nykštukas“ was founded in 1974 and operated as the children’s folk puppet theatre in the premise of “Senasis trestas“ culture house in Kaunas. Today it is a family-run, mobile, repertoire theatre that creates and performs shows for children. Since 1988 the theatre is headed by Darius Armanavičius, who is also stage director, set designer and actor, while his wife Jūratė Armanavičienė performs the duties of the theatre hostess and actress. Currently the repertoire of the theatre consists of sixteen shows – interpretations of the fold and classic fairy tales. The theatre has had successful tours in Lithuania and abroad; it performed before the audiences in Estonia, Russia, Belarus, UK, USA, Norway, India and elsewhere. Successful shows and elaborated roles earned the theatre awards from the Lithuanian and international festivals; e.g. the puppet show “Kiaus, Miaus ir tetulė“ was filmed and then broadcasted in Mongolia by Ulan Bator TV company; at the international festival “Bannanikala“ (Banana Fish) in Estonia, “Nykštukas” received the Grand Prix twice. Another show, “Paršelių nuotykiai“ (Adventures of the Piglets) not only received great popular acclaim and appreciation, but also was nominated for the theatrical award “Kristoforas“ as the best puppet show for children. The theatre’s archives are constantly supplemented by numerous awards at international festivals. The theatre also runs workshops and educational programmes.