“Lino lėlės” of Klaipėda
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Lino lėlės” of Klaipėda

Although officially the family-run theatre “Lino lėlės“ was established in February 2012, the theatre started its activity earlier, on September 9, 2011, when it invited spectators to the premier “Vilkas ir ožiukai“. The founder of the theatre is Linas Zubė, a puppeteer of versatile talent and broad acting range. His name as the leading actor links the legendary Klaipėda University puppet theatre “KU- KŪ“ (1992) and today well-known Klaipėda Puppet Theatre.

Lino lėlės“ shows are characterized by attentive and sensitive interpretation of the Lithuanian folklore and mythology; a particular importance is given to the inner nobility of the stage narrative, reflection of moral values, meaning and refined simplicity of visual solutions. It is a romantic theatre of hope, reminding that the world is not perfect, at times even cruel, yet there is still a measure of the sacred naivety, beauty and good.

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